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Create, Grow, Invest

Consulting House USA

What We Do

Consulting House USA is a strategic consulting and management company based in Pennsylvania. We focus on Developing, Growing, Managing brands, technology, property and products. CH USA brings key strategic and entrepreneurial thinking along with experience to grow revenues and extract value for our clients. Our strengths are: Streamlining and optimization operations; Strategic planning and direction; Building Scale and exiting; and Commercialization of concepts. We make it happen! Our focus is on enterprises generating revenue from $10M - $50M that are looking for growth and/or a profitable exit.​

Our Approach

We seek to CREATE and generate new technology/brand/product driven opportunities. We drive GROWTH by identifying gaps and opportunities, and providing experience driven, comprehensive leadership to ensure results. We INVEST our time or funds in ideas, people, or businesses with a unique, scalable, international opportunity.
Our Approach is direct and focused with simple, achievable objectives. How much by when? Business DNA (Solutions Focused); Disruptive thinking with a proven track record in start-ups, growth and exits.

Our Experience

Over the past 20 years, founder Troy Bingham has created, scaled & sold multiple businesses across a variety of industries. We have a track record of success in:

  • Education Technology 

  • Loyalty and software technologies 

  • Global Travel and Leisure products and solutions 

  • Entertainment and sports management 

  • Modular building and new building material technology

  • FMCG food and beverage products

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