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LUMI is a “better-for-you” food and beverage brand that sells blended beverages, soft serve, slushies, coffee and equipment to serve and prepare the treats. LUMI offers treats that are both healthy and indulgent.  In the USA LUMI has expanded into a café and relocatable container solution to service the growing health market.


The globally leading soft serve and dessert equipment manufacturer with distributors, partners, and offices all around the world. It is now accepted as one of the global industry leaders and currently ranks in the top three soft serve equipment manufacturers globally.

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Art of Blend crafts beverage powders for hot and cold café solutions. Designed for simplicity, the product range delivers a smooth, consistent taste loved by customers from around the globe. The products do not require expensive equipment to achieve a great result and can be blended, heated or served over ice. By simply adding water, each blend can be enjoyed on it’s own or as a signature drink by adding fruit, flavorings, toppings and syrup.


OmniBlend is a blender company that offers powerful 3 hp. motor blenders along with parts & accessories, and Omni commercial blender packages. The blender motors are designed to be energy efficient, drawing only the amount of wattage required to blend the ingredients, making JTC a leader in blender technology. 


The Optimisation Hub is a world first platform for athletes and sports people worldwide, delivering much needed performance mental agility education and well being. They are the curriculum of choice for NOC's, sports federations, and community organizations. 


The international Hotel School is a leading hotel school, offering degrees in hospitality management, events management and food and beverage management. Culinary programs are also offered by the school, as well as online classes.

Erie Sports Center


Erie Commodores FC is an American NPSL soccer club based in Erie, Pennsylvania. The team competes in the National Premier Soccer League, a nationwide amateur league at the fourth tier of the American Soccer Pyramid. 

Erie Sports Center was started in 2021 with a vision to purchase the old Erie Bank Sports Park and convert it into a premier sports training facility. The Center will be a place for athletic teams, such as soccer to train and prepare for/play games, tournaments and events. 

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